How to apply for a Passport in the Philippines: step-by-step instructions, payment, renewal

A Philippine passport is an official document issued to Philippine citizens. It confirms their citizenship and serves as the main document for international travel, allowing Filipino citizens to travel around the world and cross the borders of other countries. It is the document needed to obtain a visa when entering many countries.

To obtain a Philippine passport, a Philippine citizen must go to the nearest consular office or passport office and fill out the appropriate application. Usually, several documents are required, including proof of citizenship, proof of identity and payment of applicable fees.

How to apply for a passport through the DFA system

Step 1: Make an appointment online with the DFA

To obtain a Philippine passport, whether new or renewed, all applicants must make an online appointment with the DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) before visiting one of its offices.

There are exceptions in which a passport appointment with the DFA is not required:

  •  Children aged seven years and under who are accompanied by their parents and minor siblings.
  • Pregnant women (with a medical certificate if pregnancy is not obvious).
  • Elderly people presenting a senior citizen’s certificate and one immediate family member.
  •  Single parents presenting a single parent identification card and accompanied by minor children.
  • Persons with a disability who have a disabled person’s identification card (PWD) and one immediate family member.
  •  Overseas workers (OFWs) with an electronic OFW card, work visa, or POEA-approved employment contract.

In exceptional and urgent cases, the Courtesy Lane privilege may be granted to applicants after receiving written permission from one of the following government officials: the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Deputy Minister for Civil Security and Consular Affairs, and the Assistant Minister for Consular Affairs.

How to make an appointment online through the DFA Passport Registration System

To make your DFA appointment online, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the DFA website and access the online appointment system, then click on the “Make an Appointment” link.
  2. Start filling out the individual or group passport application form.
  3. Select the DFA consulate where you want to apply or renew your passport.
  4. Select the desired date and time for your appointment.
  5. Fill out the online passport form with the required information.
  6. Select the type of passport processing you are comfortable with (regular or expedited).

After submitting your online passport or renewal application, DFA will email you a reference number for the passport fee.

When scheduling an appointment with the DFA, it’s worth remembering:

  • Using the DFA passport assignment system is completely free. It is illegal to pay to get a priority place in line. Any services offered on Facebook or other online platforms involving payment for priority service are illegal. Any interaction with such intermediaries should be avoided. Remember, you only need to pay the official passport fee.
  • The number of available slots to meet at the DFA for a passport or passport renewal is limited. Luck may be on your side if you get the time and date you want right away. Don’t be discouraged! Check out the FAQs below for information on what to do if you can’t find an available slot for an online DFA appointment in the Philippines.
  • It is recommended that you have an active email account on Gmail or Yahoo to use the DFA passport appointment system. Email accounts such as MSN, Hotmail and Outlook are not compatible with the DFA passport appointment system.
  • In some cases, it is possible to make an appointment with DFA by sending an email to the consulate. If you are traveling with infants, the elderly, or people with disabilities, you can try sending an email to the appropriate consulate to make an appointment and contact the special department at DFA or DFA Temporary Off-Site Passport Services (TOPS).

Step 2: Make the payment for the passport

Using the DFA e-payment portal, applicants have the option to pay passport fees before visiting a DFA office in person. You can pay passport fees through authorized DFA partners:

  • Payment centers: 2GO, Bayad Center Retail Machine, Clothers Asia Corp., Bayad Center Branded Stores and Authorized Partners, DA5, Bayad Center Kiosk, EBIZ, Netopia, ECPay, LBC, True Money, PHILPOST, PERAHUB.
  • Banks: Country Builders Bank, Citystate Savings Bank, Own Bank, Luzon Development Bank.
  • Shopping malls: Metro Malls, Landmark, Rustans, Isetann, Robinsons Business Center, Robinsons Department Store, Sta. Lucia Mall, SRS (San Roque Supermarket).
  • Convenience store: 7-Eleven.
  • Money Transfer Points: USSC.
  • Pawnshops: Capital Pawnshop, Cebuana Lhuillier, M.Lhuillier, BHF Pawnshop, CBE Pawnshop, CVM Pawnshop, Raquel Pawnshop, Villarica Pawnshop, Sinag Pawnshop.
  • E-wallets and other online payment channels:, GCash, Bayad Online, Maya, Touchpay, J6W /

Once your payment is processed, DFA’s passport assignment system will send you a confirmation email with a package of documents including:

  1. A verification list of passport requirements with a schedule of DFA appointments.
  2. A verified DFA passport application form.
  3. Two copies of the electronic receipt.
  4. Print all documents on A4 sheets and remember to bring them with you the day you receive your passport from DFA.

Before paying the passport fee, remember:

  • Pay the exact amount in cash: ₱950 for standard processing or ₱1200 for expedited processing.
  • Note your reference number and total amount due: ₱950/₱1200 for processing + ₱50 per transaction. Note that a PRF fee of ₱250 may be charged.
  • Each reference number can only be used once. If you accidentally make a payment, contact DFA Support immediately at (02) 8234-3488.
  • Pay separately for each reference number in the case of DFA group meetings with multiple reference numbers. DFA only accepts one transaction per reference number.
  • Confirmation of the DFA passport meeting will be emailed only after the required fees have been paid. You will also receive your passport application packet via email only after online payment is made at the appointment. Therefore, it is recommended that you pay the passport fee immediately at your appointment rather than defer payment until your reservation.
  • If payment for your DFA appointment is not made within 24 hours of booking, your appointment will automatically be cancelled. In that case, you may try to make a new appointment schedule. Please be sure to make your payment immediately to receive your package by email.
  • All fees are non-refundable. If you do not attend a confirmed appointment, your payment will be forfeited. The same rule applies to applicants who cancel their appointment, whose applications are rejected due to inconsistencies and inaccuracies in the information provided, and applicants who provide incorrect and/or fraudulent documents.

Step 3: Prepare in advance according to passport requirements

Are you applying for a Philippine passport for the first time? Please complete the following appointment requirements before visiting the DFA office, as applicants with incomplete requirements will be automatically rejected. In order for you to have a checklist of DFA passport requirements, please note the following:

  1. Valid ID card (original and copy)

You may provide any of the following valid IDs:

  • ePhilID (digital version of the national ID card)
  • Philippine passport
  • Senior Citizen Identification Card
  • SSS Identifier
  • PRC Identifier
  • UMID card
  • Voter ID card (or voter ID card issued by COMELEC’s main office in Intramuros, Manila)
  • Resident card or any other identification card proving your Filipino citizenship (for OFWs or Filipinos residing in other countries)
  • For minor applicants: school ID or certificate of enrollment with photo of applicant and school stamp
  • Driver’s license (LTO student permit may be accepted if in card format)
  • School ID card (for students and recent graduates)
  •  Mailing ID (issued as of November 2016)
  • OWWA e-card.
  • PNP permit to carry a firearm outside of your residence
  • Airman’s license (issued since August 2016)
  • Applicants residing abroad are allowed to use an identification card issued by the host country state that indicates their Filipino nationality (e.g., residency permit).
  1. Birth certificate (original and copy)

Be sure to have your original birth certificate certified by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). You can conveniently order it online and have it delivered to your home or office address. You may also submit a certified copy (CTC) of the birth certificate issued by the local civil registration authority and duly certified by the PSA.

  1. Additional documents

Are you a naturalized citizen of the Philippines? Do you have dual citizenship? Do you lack a birth certificate? If at least one of these conditions applies to you, you need to submit additional documents to the DFA.

Married women wishing to use their spouse’s last name must provide the original marriage certificate issued by the PSA. This is not required for those who want to keep their maiden name. Either way, make sure you have a complete list of DFA passport requirements.

Step 4: Sign up for the DFA meeting schedule

Arrive at your assigned location at DFA 30 minutes before the designated time, as late and too early arrivals will not be admitted. Also pay attention to the proper dress code. Individuals wearing sandals, shorts, strappy tops, tube tops, or slippers will not be admitted.

Here’s what else is important to remember on DFA passport day:

  • Do not wear earrings or contact lenses, as they are not allowed in data collection.
  • DFA strictly adheres to the “No Accompanying Persons” policy (except for senior citizens and persons with disabilities). Accompanying persons may not enter DFA consular premises.

Steps for applying for or renewing a DFA passport:

  1. Present your DFA passport packet at the application desk and get a waiting list number.
  2. Wait for your number to be called. Then proceed to the processing area and present the required documents.
  3. Go through the photo and biometric data collection process in the coding section.
  4. If you want your passport delivered to your home or office, contact the delivery desk and pay an additional fee of £150.

Upon completion of all steps, you will be given a receipt indicating the tentative date of issue of your passport.

Step 5: Obtaining a passport or waiting for delivery

Visit the DFA consular office where you applied and present your passport receipt. If you lose your passport receipt, you will need to provide a notarized statement of its loss.

If you are unable to collect your passport in person, you may authorize someone else to collect it. DFA requires written permission (for close relatives) or a special power of attorney (for nonclose relatives) and a copy of the authorized representative’s valid ID.

Do not delay in obtaining a passport, as DFA will cancel uncollected passports after six months. If you choose to have your passport delivered, make sure someone will be present at home to pick it up.

Once you receive your new passport, carefully check all the information for accuracy. Then put your signature on page three.


Can I visit DFA without an appointment?

No, the DFA does not currently accept visitors without an appointment. The only exceptions are for “exceptional and urgent cases” where you can apply or renew your passport at DFA Manila ASEANA Courtesy Lane and other consular offices in the Philippines.
If your trip abroad is not an emergency, it is still recommended to make an appointment for an online passport appointment with the DFA.

I have an emergency situation and need to travel abroad urgently. Can I apply for an urgent passport online?

If you have an emergency trip, you can ask DFA to review your application or renew your passport as soon as possible. Metro Manila residents can email their request to or
Be sure to provide or attach to your email proof of emergency or urgent travel, such as a medical certificate, valid work visa, school acceptance letter, and other documents to support the urgency of the trip.

I lost my passport. What should I do?

If your passport is lost or stolen, you will need to make an appointment with the DFA. You will need to provide the necessary documentation to obtain your passport for the first time. You will also need to submit a police report in English and an affidavit of loss.
If your passport has expired, you will only need to provide an affidavit of loss. In this case, there is no need to contact the police.
Remember, once you lose your passport, you will need a period of 15 days to process your application for a replacement passport. The DFA also charges a fine of £350 for lost or damaged passports.

How do I renew my passport?

The DFA passport renewal procedure is the same as the application for a new passport, except you need to bring your old expired passport and a copy of your data page (second page with photo and personal information) on the appointed day. A birth certificate or valid ID is not required when renewing your passport in the DFA online system.

How long does it take to obtain a passport in the Philippines?

If applying at consular offices in Metro Manila, normal processing and issuance of passports takes 12 business days and expedited processing takes six business days.
For applications submitted at offices outside Metro Manila, normal processing and issuance takes 12 business days. For urgent applications, expect to receive your passport within seven business days. For overseas applicants, the waiting time for a passport is four to six weeks. Keep in mind that these timeframes do not include courier delivery time.

How long is a Philippine passport valid?

According to Republic Act 10928, new Philippine passports are valid for 10 years.
What is the passport revolving fund fee (PRF) charged by the DFA?
PRF means passport revolving fund. Under the Philippine Passport Act (Republic Act No. 8239), the PRF fee is a service fee charged to applicants for “processing and issuance of passports requiring special consideration, denial or issuance after hours. “In addition, under the Passport Act, DFA charges a PRF fee, which does not exceed 250 pounds, for “improvements in passport and consular services and other Department services, excluding travel and transportation allowances and expenses.”