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Today, cash loans have become an integral part of our lives: it helps to solve financial problems in unforeseen situations.

There is no need to embarrass yourself when contacting friends, family or acquaintances for urgent financial assistance. It is enough to have a modern gadget in the form of a laptop, personal computer, tablet or smartphone with Internet access.

When You are in the office, having lunch in a cafe, relaxing with friends or sitting at home on the couch, You can get an easy cash loan online in minutes without collateral, only if You have a valid Government ID and a bank account for which the money will be transferred.

Our service will help You to choose the best solution among many financial offers. is a convenient and safe service for comparing and selecting cash loans in the Philippines. All lenders presented on this web page have official registration, their own tax number and the necessary documents for running a business for providing quick loans.

Advantages of a Fast Cash Loan

One of the main advantages of fast cash loans is a possibility to get easily and quickly a loan to a bank account within 1 hour without any credit check, without providing any references and no collateral or guarantors. That is why this service is highly demanded among residents of the Philippines.

Now, You don’t need to visit the office of the lender and You can forget about the extra paperwork. You can get an instant cash loan with minimal personal time spent. The whole process of obtaining a quick loan online to your bank account or debit card is completely automated and simplified.

Easy Steps to get a Fast Loan using


What is a Fast Cash Loan?

A Fast Cash Loan is a quick loan online for a small amount of money with a high decision-making speed of a lender to approve an application from a potential borrower.

As a rule, the time for making a decision varies from few minutes to 1 hour and this process requires a minimum set of documents, mainly only the Government ID.

Cash loans in an hour is already quite a common way for most Filipinos to quickly solve everyday problems when their money is not enough. All you need to do is use the Maanimo service, fill in an application and in a 1 hour receive the required amount to your bank account.

Thanks to this, You can:

  • reduce the burden on the family budget;
  • solve problems today before they become more expensive tomorrow (for example, buying equipment or building materials);
  • save energy on the search for money from friends, relatives and acquaintances.

Fast loans are very popular in many countries of the world and the Philippines are not an exception.

Who is eligible to apply for a cash loan in the Philippines?

only Filipino currently living in the Philippines
valid Government ID
personal bank account, e-mail and mobile number
payslips for few monthsbank statement
COE (certificate of employment)ITR (income tax returns)
proof of address, for example utility billDTI ID (department of trade and industry)

The requirements of different lending companies may vary significantly. Before you make a quick cash loan, You need to study thoroughly the conditions of the chosen lender.

How to get a fast loan?

In order to get an easy cash loan to a bank account, Maanimo service can be used for the selection of the best offer from proven and reliable lenders in the Philippines.

The table contains the offers from all lending companies that provide quick personal loan. You can get an instant loan online in 15 minutes.

To do this, just follow several simple steps:

  1. Examine carefully the terms of the fast loan: the amount of money, the terms and the interest rate for the first loan and further charge.
  2. Use the calculator in front of the list of lenders to select financial companies that meet your request for the amount of money and terms.
  3. Select the appropriate lender and click on “Apply Now”.
  4. Pass the registering process and fill in an application on the website of the selected lender.
  5. Get a lender’s fast loan approval within 15 minutes.
  6. In case of a positive decision on your loan application, sign the agreement after it has been studied.
  7. Get an easy loan to your bank account.

Which lenders provide fast loan approval with no credit check?

Filipinos are used to banks checking their credit history before giving money. Banks make a decision on granting a loan on the bases of the information on all previous loans and overdue of repayments. If a Filipino had fines or credit disruptions in the past, the bank may refuse a borrower. In other words, Filipinos will not be able to take a new bank credit if they had problems with past loans.

At the moment in the Philippines there is no any organization that centrally collects and stores the information about the credit history of borrowers. However, banks and lending companies exchange such information with each other.

If You have overdue on existing loans and as a result your credit history is ruined, but You need to borrow some money urgently, then lenders who provide fast loan approval with no credit check will help You. Such companies, as a rule, approve the application without checking the credit history.

You can read the conditions of a cash loan with no credit check in the table above.

How to find a quick cash loan without collateral?

Issuing a secured loan is a standard practice in all banks in the world. The most common are cash loans, where the borrower provides real estate or a car as collateral.

Of course, no one wants to risk their property which a lender can deprive in case of default on a loan payment according to the contract.

One of the advantages of lending companies is the issuance of a quick cash loan without collateral and guarantors. So, You can get a loan of up to 10,000 PH pesos without any collateral with the lowest interest rate.

This webpage provides lenders who issue quick loans without collateral. Being able to get a cash loan no collateral is a great solution for many Filipinos who cannot leave anything as collateral.

How to get a cash loan without a credit card?

All PH lenders listed in the table provide a cash loan without a credit card.

The fact is that all fast loans one way or another go through the online application process. Even if You want to get a cash loan without a credit card, You still need to fill in a form on the lender site.

To get money, You must have your bank account, Government ID, a mobile phone and the Internet access. Also, each lender has requirements for the borrower’s age and employment.