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Personal loans are very popular in the Philippines. This is a special kind of loan. It is very often used when urgent money is needed to make a necessary purchase, to pay the utility bills or just for running costs. Making personal loan without collateral is much easier than borrowing money from friends, relatives or acquaintances. compares offers of various payday loan lenders and in this way it helps the site users to save their money and time to choose a personal loan with sure approval in the Philippines. This website is a comparison and selection service that offers a free service of connecting consumers with financial institutions that can satisfy their request. However, the approval of your application for personal loan is not guaranteed. To obtain detailed information about the status of your request, the reasons of the refusal or any other issues dealing with financial services, You need to contact your personal loan lender directly.

Despite the fact that financial products, services and companies are independently selected, we want to inform you that may receive a small commission from the payday loan lender whose website you choose to place an online application and to receive a personal loan within 30 days after clicking on one of the links provided by us.

The loan conditions are aggregated from the official websites of credit companies or received from their representatives. They do not include possible penalties and late repayment fees according to the obligation.

⚡️ The functional of comparing and selecting financial offers on is absolutely free for users and there isn’t any commission or hidden fees.

Legal information works only with trusted financial companies that have a Registration number and Certificate of Authority number, the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines (SEC).

The list of legitimate financial companies can be found at the SEC official website

☝ Before signing the personal loan agreement, we recommend you to read attentively its content in order to be aware of all your rights and obligations. All payday loan lenders listed on operate under the applicable laws of the Philippines and they are completely legit.

Basic requirements for personal loans


What is a Personal Loan?

A Personal Loan online is a short-term payday loan for a small sum of money that is issued at a high percentage to a bank card or a personal account of the borrower, usually via the Internet in the online mode without a monetary deposit and guarantors.

In doing this, the interest for using the loan is accrued from day to day and a borrower can repay a personal loan at any time without any penalties or restrictions.

This type of loan does not involve any form of prepayment and it requires a minimal number of documents. The whole process is automated: from applying for an online loan to receiving money.

The scoring system (the credit rating) of most lenders provides multiparameter analysis of a borrower within few minutes. The exchange of information between a borrower and a lender is fully automated, so after filling in an application for a loan and creating a personal account on the financial company’s website, just wait for the application to be processed and approved.

Who can get a personal loan in the Philippines?

The main requirements for obtaining a personal loan are:

  • only available to PH citizens;
  • to have a valid Government ID;
  • to be from 20 to 70 years old, as a rule, but there are some exceptions;
  • currently employed or with a steady income;
  • to have Your bank account details;
  • to have own mobile phone number and email.

In some cases, you may need supporting documents like payslip or bank statements for three months, COE (certificate of employment), ITR (income tax returns), company ID, utility bill for last month as proof of your address, DTI (department of trade and industry) data, etc.

How to apply for a personal loan using

The table shows a list of proven and reliable lenders that provide the service “Online Personal Loan”. In order to apply for a loan, follow few simple steps:

  1. study thoroughly the terms of the loan from each lender, such as the interest rate, the amount of first (repeat) loan and the term;
  2. You can click “more info” to find out more about the lending company;
  3. sort out the lenders according to the amount of needed sum of money and the term of the loan using a calculator;
  4. select a Lender and click “Apply Now”;
  5. after going to the Lender’s website, enter the necessary loan amount and the term in the calculator and fill in the required fields for creating a personal account;
  6. wait for a confirmation using a phone call or SMS;
  7. after the successful confirmation, get a peso loan to your bank account.

What are the types of personal loans?

  1. Cash loan.
  2. Bank long term loan.
  3. Online loans.
  4. Student loan.
  5. Salary loan.
  6. Business loan.
  7. Loan app.

What is the amount of the first loan?

10,000 pesos is the maximum loan amount for new borrowers. To increase loyalty, some lending companies provide first loan absolutely free (0% per day). The lowest interest personal loan is available on this web page. Carefully see the conditions of the first loan in the table above.

Are interest free loans legit?

Personal loan with low interest rate in the Philippines is absolutely legit. Even when the interest rate on the first loan is free.

The first loan free is a clearly defined amount that the lender provides to the borrower for personal use without interest rate and additional fees in case of timely repayment in due time according to the loan agreement concluded between them.

In most cases, the amount of such a personal loan does not exceed ₱6,000, and the maximum term is no more than 30 days.

In this way, various lending companies in the Philippines seek to attract new customers. This is really beneficial for both parties – the lender manages to attract a new borrower, thereby increasing its customer base, and the borrower gets the opportunity to get a personal loan free.

What is the amount of the repeat loan?

Up to PHP 25,000. The exact amount of the repeat loan depends on when the previous personal loan was repaid. It’s very important that You repay the payday loan on time without delay or fines.

Having filled in several applications to various lending companies at the same time, you significantly increase the chances of getting a personal loan online without leaving your home or office and it saves your time greatly.

How do I find out about approving a loan application?

The decision of the lending company on your personal loan application can be found in the “My Account”, and You will also receive an SMS-notification on your mobile phone and by email, which You specified when registering on the lender’s website.

How to use a Personal Loan Calculator?

Personal loan calculator is used as a filter that as soon as you enter your loan amount and terms shows only those lending companies in the list whose terms satisfy the parameters you have chosen.

To set the parameters of a loan, move the sliders to the right/left and fix them in the desired position. Calculator works dynamically, i.e. right after the beginning of the movement to the right/left, the list of loan Lenders starts to change.

Online calculator is completely adaptive to mobile devices and it is also convenient, simple in use and correct for viewing this web page from your smartphone or tablet.

The PH peso loan calculator usage will greatly simplify the selection of the optimal personal loan offer.

How to calculate the Loan Interest Rate?

Personal loan interest rate is accrued from day to day. There is a loan calculator on the official websites of the lenders that allows you to calculate the total amount of repayment at the end of the term. For example, the term may be 30 days. In this case, these are personal loans no collateral with monthly payments in the Philippines.

You can calculate the amount and the interest on the loan yourself. For example, if the loan amount is 10,000 pesos with a lowest interest rate of 1% per day, then:

10,000 x 1% + 10,000 = 10,100 PHP

Under the conditions, as in this example, 100 pesos will be charged daily as a percentage of the personal loan service. Accordingly, if the payday loan is issued for 30 days, then at the end of the term the amount to be paid will be:

10,000 x 1% x 30 + 10,000 = 13,000 PHP

APR (Annual Percentage Rate) will be equal to 365 x 1% = 365%

Where can I get a 24 hour payday loan in the Philippines?

24 hour payday loans are common practice in the Philippines. All lending companies at process loan applications 24 hours a day. Fill out a personal loan application at any time and wait for its approval. As a rule, lenders provide 1 hour payday loans online or short term payday loans same day. But, sometimes, You will receive money to your bank account only on business days.

How to find personal loan lenders no credit check?

As a rule, all lenders on the website without checking credit history. In addition, they issue a personal loan no collateral, no credit check and with sure approval. Direct lenders analyze the solvency of the borrower according to other parameters.

A full list of financial companies can be found on the page private lenders for personal loan.

How to repay a Personal Loan?

Lenders offer various ways to repay the loan and a borrower can repay it in any way convenient for him.

  1. Cash payment like off-line DragonPay Payment Partners;
  2. Bank transfer;
  3. The card of any bank.

Returning the borrowed funds, you need to use your Personal Loan Agreement or Contract Number. Before you pay the loan debt, make sure that the specified repayment methods are available in the lender in which you have issued a personal loan.

What is a prolongation meaning?

Personal loan prolongation is an increase in the term of use of credit funds.

Basically, all credit companies provide extension services for the same period for which the loan was issued. As a rule, this service is free, but it is necessary that the interest rate on your active loan be paid in full for the entire period of use.

You can order the extension service in the “My Account” or with the help of the operator by calling the hotline number.

What are the benefits of a personal loan?

  • online – without visiting the office or bank branch, staying at home;
  • simply – the procedure requires minimum amount of data; You do not need unnecessary documents and don’t have paperwork;
  • instantly – money arrives to your bank account within a few minutes same day after confirming the personal loan application form;
  • transparent and fair – there are no hidden fees and payments, the online calculator shows the lowest interest rate and the sum of money to be paid;
  • conveniently – a loan repayment is possible in various ways; the service of prolongation is available;
  • profitable – the affordable interest rates, You can use the money at your discretion without any records;
  • 24 hour payday loan – You can apply for a loan even at night, at any time – on weekends or holidays. Lenders accept online personal loan application 24/7.

What are the disadvantages of a personal loan?

  • The personal loans interest rate is higher in comparison with bank credits;
  • A small loan amount. When you first loan You can get the amount from 1,000 to 10,000 PH pesos.
  • Short terms. Basically, the loan term is limited to a period of 2 to 30 days, which is often insufficient for a borrower.