Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter “Terms”) regulate your access and usage of the Maanimo.ph website (hereinafter “Maanimo”). Terms also include our Privacy Policy, which can be found at https://maanimo.ph/privacy-policy.

General terms

1.1. These Terms are the adhesion contract for any person (hereinafter “User”) who uses Maanimo, materials, services or other elements of this website. The fact that a User visited Maanimo indicates that the User joined the Terms completely and confirms the acceptance of the conditions listed below.

1.2. Terms become affective from the moment you start using Maanimo and / or materials, services and other elements of this website.

1.3. Terms may be changed by Maanimo without a prior notice of a User. The new version of the Terms comes into force from the date of posting. The date of the last update is indicated on this page.

1.4. At Maanimo some additional conditions for the usage of certain resources, services and information materials may be established.

1.5. If a User does not agree with the Terms for any reason, then he cannot use Maanimo and / or materials, services, other elements of the website.

1.6. Maanimo has the right to add, change, delete, supplement the materials and the structure of the website.

1.7. Via Maanimo, you can access other resources (websites) in the Internet. Maanimo has no control over these websites, and a User gets an access to them solely at his own risk. The user acknowledges and agrees that Maanimo is not responsible for the accessibility of such resources (websites) and their content, as well as for any consequences arising from the use of the content of these websites.

1.8. A user uses Maanimo at his sole risk. The user is liable for any damage caused to the user’s computer or mobile device and its data. Maanimo is not responsible for the adequacy of the website for user’s aims.

1.9. Maanimo doesn’t bear responsibility for any direct or indirect damages, damages connected with the payment of pecuniary penalties, or any damages in general, even if Maanimo was informed about the possibility of such damage in advance, due to the use and / or inability to use Maanimo.

1.10. Maanimo makes every effort and technical ability to ensure the smooth operation of the website, but this website is not responsible for the complete or partial loss of Maanimo content, as well as for insufficient quality or speed of viewing of such content.

1.11. The user agrees that he accepts Terms on his own will and with full understanding of its content.

1.12. A user confirms that he is responsible for any information that he provides and posts on Maanimo.

1.13. The moderation of comments on Maanimo is carried out according to the principle of post-moderation. These messages are first added, and then checked by moderators.

1.14. If a moderator thinks that the comment left by a User violates these Terms, he has the right to delete it completely or partially.

Maanimo has a right to:

2.1. use e-mail addresses, social network accounts and telephone numbers of registered Users to send messages via email, SMS-messages and push-notifications.

2.2. delete messages and user comments if they contradict Terms and standards established by the applicable legislation of the Philippines.

2.3. use User-provided objects of copyright to Maanimo, including (but not exclusively) works, articles, photos, videos, graphics and other content elements.

2.4. block and / or delete the account of the User on Maanimo, in case of the violation of Terms or current legislation of the Philippines, including posting and distribution of:

  • calls to violate the procedures provided by the laws of the Philippines;
  • calls for aggression or war-fuelling, or any other materials that may constitute a criminal offense or the reason for its commission;
  • materials that are illegal, malicious, which offend morality, honor and dignity, rights and legally protected interests of third parties, as well as vulgar terms, materials and statements of a pornographic, erotic or sexual nature;
  • advertisings or commercials, the placement of which is not coordinated with Maanimo;
  • objects of intellectual property for which copyrights are registered, without an appropriate permition for such a public distribution;
  • materials containing computer codes intended to violate, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer or telecommunications equipment, or programs for unauthorized access, as well as serial numbers to commercial software products, logins, passwords and other means to obtain unauthorized access to fee-based resources of the Internet;
  • personal data of other Users;
  • materials, the content and / or distribution of which is violated by the current legislation of the Philippines and international regulations.

2.5. remove any content without explanation, in case of violations of the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, Terms and / or other rules of Maanimo usage.

2.6. close any Maanimo service or delete any material posted on the website without prior notice to the User at any time. In this case, Maanimo is not responsible for the termination of access to its resources, services and / or materials.

The User has the right to:

3.1. create his own text messages, comment, as well as exchange opinions on the relevant topics on the published information. Maanimo provides the User with the opportunity to participate in discussions on the website, including comments, recommendations, reviews, ratings and other Maanimo services.

3.2. protect his own personal data which is prescribed by the laws of the Philippines.

3.3. use any Maanimo services without violating of these Terms or the laws of the Philippines.

3.4. contact the Maanimo staff by writing a message to ph@maanimo.com or use the feedback form on the “Contacts” page.

Updated: 2019-08-09