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Cashspace: online na serbisyo sa pagpili ng pautang

The Cashspace brand is owned by Fininity Ltd, headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia. Cashspace is not a financial institution, bank or lender. This site finds loans for clients by acting as an intermediary between the client who wants to take out a loan and a licensed financial institution.

25,000 PHP
90 days
First loan
0.00 PHP
25,000 PHP
Repeat loan
270,000.00 PHP
295,000 PHP
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If you need urgent financial assistance, simply fill out an application on the Cashspace website and you will receive a list of offers from financial institutions that can give you a loan. Choose the appropriate option and get approved on the website of the organization you like. That’s all! Cashspace carefully checks each lender and only works with lenders it trusts. For example,

  • MoneyCat
  • Online Loans Pilipinas
  • DigiDo.

As for the volume of lending and the timing of consideration of applications, they depend on the chosen lender. Most approved applicants receive money on the day they apply.

Cashspace does not charge any maintenance fees and is not responsible for the actions, omissions or interest rates of any lender. You are under no obligation to use the service, initiate contact or request a loan from any lenders with whom this site links you.

1st loan amount 1,000 — 25,000 PHP
1st loan interest rate 0%
Loan term 61 — 120 days
Repeat loan amount 1,000 — 25,000 PHP
Repeat loan interest rate 12%
Money receipt speed 5 minutes
Types of loans Fast cash loan, Loan online, Personal loan

What services does Cashspace offer? is owned and operated by Fininity Ltd. They are not lenders or financial service providers and therefore do not provide financing directly to you.

Cashspace provides an online loan selection service. That is, introduces you to lenders or financial service providers.

By submitting an application on the Cashspace website, you give your consent to Fininity Ltd to match your application with one of the lenders in the company’s network. Cashspace then submits your application in real time to one or more lenders or financial service providers, depending on their lending criteria, until one of them accepts your application (or until all lenders refuse to accept your application).

If the lender decides to accept your application, you will be redirected to their website. In any case, you will only be redirected to the lender who has reviewed your application and accepted it, believing that they can grant you a loan. Cashspace may receive a commission from the lender for its intermediary services.

We recommend that you carefully read the terms and conditions of each market operator in order to make an informed decision about whether their offer is the best for you. If you have any doubts, we recommend that you contact the company you are interested in before agreeing to any funding from them.

Benefits of the Cashspace service

  • Service available 24/7
  • The service is provided immediately. Get funded in 5 minutes.
  • In the Cashspace service, everything is online. You don’t need to go anywhere.
  • It is very convenient when different financial organizations are gathered in one place in a group. You do not need to search and review hundreds of pages on the Internet – this work has already been done for you.

Many of Cashspace’s partners offer microloans at 0% for new clients. Detailed conditions can be found on the website of the selected offer. At the same time, you are not required to take a loan from Cashspace partners.

Fast and simple. You just need to leave a request and get a list of the best offers from Cashspace partners

It’s really free. Cashspace does not charge for the service.

Some of the partner companies do not pay attention to your credit history.

How to get a loan using Cashspace?

Each credit company has different needs for clients, their criteria differ depending on the organization. However, there are a few common things that lenders look for when considering candidates – credit history and income.

Before you start applying for a loan, read some of the articles posted on the Cashspace blog. This information will help streamline the application process and improve your chances of getting a loan.

Loan options

The minimum repayment period of the loans offered is 61 days (2 months) and the maximum repayment period is 120 days (4 months). Loan rates vary from lender to lender ranging from 12% to a maximum annual of 36%. For example, for a £10,000 loan due in 3 months, the total loan payment would be £11,000.

 How to repay a loan?

The financial institution from which you take out a loan will give you full instructions on how to repay this loan. The loan agreement will contain a complete table of periodic payments. You just need to keep track of how much you owe and when you have to pay, so you don’t forget the day and miss the required payment. The conditions are general, but some details differ from lender to lender.

Your lender’s instructions will also include convenient payment methods. Most often, repayment of a loan from a microfinance organization can be carried out in the following ways:

  • online by bank card
  • Bank transaction
  • offline in payment centers, banks.

Client checks

The lender conducts an assessment of the background information of a potential borrower before making any decision to grant loan funds. This may or may not include a full assessment of the person’s past and present credit history.

Once a potential borrower has applied for a loan, the lender can contact the credit reporting agency and the fraud prevention agency to be informed of the relevant decisions. Because credit checks and credit reporting agencies help prevent fraudulent schemes.

You must always provide accurate and truthful information. Misleading information will be considered as a deliberate violation of the terms of cooperation. It can also lead to a breach of any agreement with the creditor. Providing false information can even lead to criminal prosecution.

What information does Cashspace collect?

When you apply for a loan product online, the service collects personal information from you in order to obtain loan quotes. While providing services to you, Cashspace may also store information about how you use the company’s website.

Cashspace may store information about the pages you have viewed, the website from which you accessed the Cashspace site, changes you have made to the personal information provided to the service, information about the quotes you request and the content of your applications, as well as information about your financial data, including bank account or employer details.

Cashspace needs to collect personal information from you in order to provide you with the best possible loan offer. When you request a loan offer, you consent to the processing of this information by Cashspace along with third party providers such as loan providers or loan brokers.

Cashspace stores the information you provide and may use it to pre-populate fields on the site to make it easier for you to use the company’s site on future visits. Of course, the service will not store your information for longer than is permitted by law.

Data security

Ensuring the security of your information is of paramount importance to Cashspace. Although no data transmission over the Internet is completely secure, we do our best to protect the information you provide.


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